Vervoe Starter Plan


Tol: Vervoe

Best For: Streamlining your hiring process

If your business is at a place to start hiring, congratulations! That’s just the beginning though - evaluating, interviewing and hiring can be confusing and complicated.

Vervoe is an all-in-one tool that streamlines the hiring process by giving you the ability to interview, evaluate, and hire candidates in one place.

Vervoe makes it so everyone who applies automatically gets the chance to interview. Here’s how that works:

Step #1: Post your job to job boards, social platforms and/or share with your personal network.

Step #2: Build an “interview” in the automated system.

Step #3: Applicants go through the automated interview process you’ve created.

Step #4: Review responses and select candidates for the final round

Step #5: Interview in person or via the video app

Here's what's included in the specialty Briefcase package:

  • 3 Active jobs

  • Unlimited interviews

  • Unlimited candidates

  • Unlimited team access and collaboration

  • Unlimited archived jobs

  • All future updates & integrations included

Vervoe is an end-to-end hiring solution that eliminates the cost of a recruiter and helps ensure you find the perfect candidate to take your business to the next level.

Value: $1000/year // Included in your Briefcase Membership