Best For: Gleaning all the best advice from successful startups

When you're building a startup, you're faced with countless questions. Trying to scrape together actionable advice from blogs, YouTube videos, and conferences can only get you so far.

Think of as a crash-course in running a successful company, with everything you need to create a business plan, attract customers, and raise funding.

Their interactive library includes:

  • Master Classes: 600 in-depth videos featuring ultra-successful startup and business experts.
  • Startups Live: Craving a discussion?
  • Talk to Founders twice per week via a moderated Slack chat.
  • Expert Mentorship: Join live mentorship sessions where you can learn how to do content marketing like Neil Patel, or get inside the mind of Mark Cuban.
  • Daily Lessons: Bite-sized information delivered directly to your inbox.

When you’re ready to implement the lessons, also offers three world-class software tools:

  1. The fastest way to build a high quality business plan.
  2. Over 500,000 startups have used Launchrock to attract nearly 20 million early customers.
  3. An online equity crowdfunding platform that has helped startups raise over $300 million (without taking a cut). is your direct line to founders, venture capitalists, and influencers in the startup space. Their hours of content and highly developed tools are the resources you need to launch and grow successfully.

Value: $29/month // Included in your Briefcase Membership