Briefcase Plan (Retail: $35/Month)


Tool: SalesFlare

Best For: Sales teams

Value: $35/Month

SalesFlare is, simply put, the most intelligent and comprehensive CRM we’ve stumbled upon.

SalesFlare makes managing customer information, opportunities, and engagement super easy. It uses data from each facet of your business ecosystem to facilitate everything from customer management to sales analytics.

SalesFlare will automatically:

  • Discover and record customer information from emails, and social profiles

  • Log both meetings and calls through calendar and cell phone sync

  • Show you a smart overview of all projects including details and deadlines

  • Track customer email opens, page clicks and their social posts

  • Organize documents and other files pertaining to customer record

  • Generate dashboard insights and integrate your sales toolkit

SalesFlare is perfect for teams who believe in leveraging technology to make their jobs a little bit easier and their sales efforts a lot more effective. With this Briefcase offer, you can add any additional team members for 50% off Salesflare's usual prices - so start collaborating today.