Reveal Briefcase Plan


Tool: Reveal
Best For: Managing Facebook campaigns

Facebook ad campaigns can garner incredible results. But they also need a lot of hands-on maintenance. Once you start to run multiple campaigns, it can be a hassle diving into Facebook’s Ad Manager for every single update or report.

Reveal is a tool that takes over and manages ads for you based off of the rules you've set in advance. Send daily, scheduled reports with custom metrics to clients, automatically start/pause campaigns, manage your bids and budget, and get notified on Slack or email when anything triggers.

Here’s what’s included your Briefcase membership:

  • Unlimited Slack/Email alerts and reports
  • Unlimited Facebook Ads automation rules
  • Unlimited marketing performance email/pdf reports Integration with Google Adwords, YouTube, and Instagram
  • Up to $10K in monthly Facebook Ads spend
  • Educational webinars and Q&A with the Reveal team

Reveal was created to take ad automation to the next level. You no longer need to spend hours tracking ads, creating reports, or managing campaigns. Reveal does these things for you so you focus your energy on more important things.

Value: $1188/year // Included in your Briefcase Membership