Briefcase Quarterly Pro Product Credits

Briefcase Quarterly PRO Tool Coupons (9x)

How It Works:

Click 'Activate' above to access your unique redemption URL.

Copy and Paste this URL into your browser, which will take you to, where you can use this credit NINE times for products worth up to $49 each.

Now you can use these credits on AppSumo to build up your Briefcase toolkit with LIFETIME products!

Remember: These nine credits can be redeemed anytime within the quarter of your membership (i.e. 90 days). Any unused credits will be deactivated so make sure you get your redeeming on!

Briefcase Quarterly Frequently Asked Questions

How do these credits work? This is a single coupon that can be used 9 times within 90 days for individual products up to $49 dollars each. For further questions about remaining credits, etc, you can reach out to How long do I have to redeem these credits? Do they expire? You have 90 days to redeem these credits until they expire. Then, once your membership renews, you’ll get another code with 9-use AppSumo credits. If I use these credits on AppSumo for a lifetime product, what happens if I cancel my Briefcase membership? If you cancel your Briefcase membership, you will still keep access to any lifetime products that you purchase on AppSumo. However, your tools inside of Briefcase will be revoked if you cancel Briefcase. If I buy a product with credits, and later refund, I get these credits back into account? We have a 30-days, one-time exchange policy. Meaning, if you purchase an AppSumo product with these credits, and then see a tool you’d rather have, you can write into support, one-time, to get the product exchanged. You cannot get a credit/refund back on a tool purchased with a Briefcase credit. But if you’d like to process an exchange, you can write into and let our team know 1) what tool you bought with credits and 2) what tool you would like instead within 30 days of the purchase. Can I switch to the Briefcase Quarterly plan? Yes, just go to your Briefcase account page and click ‘Change Plan’ to upgrade. I just added two products to my cart and only $49 coupon applied. What’s going on? These credits can only be used one at a time. So if you’d like to purchase multiple AppSumo tools with your credit at one time, you need to checkout with one item in your cart and then repeat for any remaining tools you’d like to purchase.