PopLink Briefcase Plan

Poplink Briefcase Plan

Tool: Poplink
Best For: Add pop-ups to any content you share

As a good steward of the internet, you probably share content all the time. But if you can share great content and send more people to your own site, why wouldn’t you?

Poplink adds eye-catching call-to-actions pop-ups on any content you share, helping drive people back to your own site for more conversions. Here’s how Poplink works in three easy steps:

  1. You discover share-worthy content and copy the link
  2. Add that link to a Poplink campaign to generate a new, trackable link
  3. Share the Poplink via your social platforms

When someone clicks that link, they’re served that content along with your custom Poplink. Your Briefcase membership includes:

  • 30 total promotions that you can edit, reuse, and replace
  • 50,000 clicks per month
  • Outbound link promotions
  • Custom colors, positioning, and domain (Please note:  Custom domains must be in http:// format)
  • Calls to Action free of Poplink branding
  • Analytical data (impressions, clicks, conversions)

Poplink is an outstanding tool for building email lists, promoting products, getting app downloads, and at driving website traffic no matter where the shared content you originated.