pCloud Premium Plan


Tool: pCloud
Best For: Storing all your files in the cloud

Running out of storage space simply isn’t an option. And when you have pCloud, it’s also never a problem.

pCloud is a comprehensive, easy-to-use cloud storage solution that lets you upload, access and share screenshots, videos, documents, and photos from any device.

There are two things that set it apart from your current cloud solution: unhackable encryption (with password and expiration date options) and pCloud Rewind, the ability to track, revise, and restore earlier versions of your work.

Other features:

  • 500GB storage and 500GB download link traffic
  • Unlimited remote upload traffic
  • Camera auto upload for iOS and Android devices
  • Instant sync through the desktop application
  • Photo and video compression for faster downloads

Your work is precious… keep it safe, updated and shareable with pCloud.

Value: $125 // Included in your Briefcase Membership