KingSumo Web Pro

KingSumo Web Pro

Tool: KingSumo Web Pro
Best For: Building your email list with giveaways

If “you build it, they will come” only works in the movies. Growing your email list is hard… but it shouldn’t be.

With KingSumo, you can grow your email list fast by creating viral giveaways on your site. KingSumo is the exact software that we've used at AppSumo to grow our list to 750,000+ people.

Here are some ways people have used KingSumo...

* To get more email subscribers: New York Times bestselling author Ryan Holiday used KingSumo to get 6,144 new email subscribers.

* To get more social followers: The Jeff Gordon NASCAR team used KingSumo to get 2,500+ new Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook followers.

* To get more customers: Degree 33, a surfboard company from California, used a giveaway to get 5,351 new leads — and generate $6,482.52 in revenue!

Best of all: you can setup a giveaway in less than 10 minutes!

You can launch your first KingSumo Giveaway with 3 easy steps:

  1. Add in the details and pictures for your giveaway
  2. Share the giveaway through your social media and/or current email list
  3. People who enter the giveaway are incentivized to share to get more entries for themselves

The more people that get your email, the more sales you make. KingSumo is your cheat code to a massive mailing list and the benefits that come with it.

Value: $228/year // Included in your Briefcase Membership