FindThatLead Small Plan Plus

Find That Lead

Tool: FindThatLead
Best For: Finding vetted emails and great leads

If you dread the process of gathering leads, you’re not alone. It’s time consuming work that often misses the mark.

FindThatLead addresses the drudgery of lead gathering by streamlining the process and returning accurate contact information with just one click.

Your Briefcase membership gives you access to FindThatLead's Small Plan Plus, not available anywhere else. Here’s what’s included:

  • Lead Search: Unearth contacts with a name & a company (1,500 credits)
  • Domain Search: List all verified emails that live under a specific domain
  • Chrome Extension: Get immediate details on connected social platforms
  • Google Sheets Add-on: Import CSV & add bulk emails
  • Email Verifier: Validate email addresses using their proprietary algorithm
  • Whois Lookup: Discover the public information for the owner of any website
  • Prospector Tool: Reach your ideal client with hyper-specific parameters (e.g. CEOs at Austin companies with fewer than 10 employees)

If you’ve been looking for something to level up your lead generation game, get started by activating FindThatLead.