Business Plan (Retail: $25/Month)


Tool: Fieldbook

Best For: Admin, Tracking, Analytics

Value: $300/year

Spreadsheets are a fantastic tool for capturing all the data you can possibly desire. As your business grows and spreadsheets proliferate, they can feel less like a solution and more like another problem.

Fieldbook solves this by linking your sheets together in a custom database that’s easy to manage and extract meaningful numbers from. The best part is that there’s no database knowledge necessary - if you can work in a spreadsheet, you can work in Fieldbook.

Here’s how this tool is different:

  • Track, view, or manage a workflow or pipeline from one place

  • Integrate Fieldbook with almost any app or service via Zapier

  • Add as much data as needed in each field

  • Link sheets to view and edit data (e.g. employee tasks or company contacts)

  • Advanced searching, sorting, and filtering across Fieldbook

Included in the Briefcase member’s Fieldbook are three user accounts with unlimited books, the ability the share with an unlimited number of people, a team admin console and native professional templates for project plans, inventory tracking, managing customers and sales contacts, recruiting.

Data is useless on its own - use Fieldbook to make it work for you.