February AppSumo Pro Tool

February AppSumo Tool

What This Is: Build Your Own Briefcase

Who This Is For: Briefcase Monthly and Yearly Members (Quarterly Members are NOT eligible).

YOU choose the February AppSumo tools you want!

How It Works:

Click 'Activate' above to access your unique redemption URL.

Copy and Paste this URL into your browser, which will take you to AppSumo.com, where you can now get TWO available product worth up to $49 each.

This URL is valid for one use through the month of February (expires February 28th @ midnight CT). And yes, if you don’t use it, you lose it.

It’s that simple! A brand new AppSumo tool of your choosing, just for being a Briefcase member.. Oh! And did we mention that is this for two LIFETIME products? Because it is :) This feature is something that we’ve never offered before and is available exclusively for Briefcase members. If you like this idea, let us know! We're making decisions based on what customers are telling us, so if you want more of these or have other ideas, speak up.


Frequently Asked Questions: Will I know ahead of time which tools will be available every month? Since our product launches are constantly changing, we won’t be able to give you an accurate preview. However, our recommendation is that when you see a product you really like, add it so you don’t miss it! I chose a tool but I changed my mind and now want to pick a different product. Because these codes are one-time use, we are unable to reissue them. Make sure to test out a product (most have free trials!) to determine if it’s right for you before redeeming your code. What happens to my February Product if I cancel? Your February product is a LIFETIME AppSumo product. So even if you cancel your Briefcase membership, you’ll retain access to this tool. However, you will lose access to every other tool available in your Briefcase dashboard. I just selected my AppSumo February product, how long do I have to redeem the product code? Your redemption instructions give you a deadline of when to redeem by - it’s usually 60 days. We recommend redeeming it right away so you don’t forget. Can I refund the free product I selected? No. Products you select are treated like a new product added to your Briefcase, except you’re the one picking it now. So once you’ve made your choice and redeemed it, it stays in your account. If you click the ‘Refund’ button, you will lose access to the product but will receive no additional credit. Can I sell my product coupon to someone else? No. This is against our TOS and if we notice other accounts using the coupon or redeeming the product, you could risk getting banned from Briefcase and AppSumo. I already used up my product selection for the month, but there’s something else I now want. Good news, your Briefcase membership also comes with a 10% off on AppSumo purchases. Have you redeemed your discount yet? Click here to do so.

Can I combine my 10% off coupon with my free AppSumo tool?

No. The free tool overrides your 10% off coupon. So, if there is more than one tool you're interested in getting, we recommend checking out twice so you maximize your discount!

What if I change my mind and want a refund?

Because of the way we process these codes, we are unable to issue any refunds or swaps. Once you active and redeem this tool on AppSumo, the selection will be final.

Why are Quarterly members excluded from these credits?

Quarterly Members get all of their credits in bulk at the beginning of their quarterly billing cycle, therefore, they’re ineligible for the monthly credits because they already received them at the beginning of their quarter.

*** Have any other questions? Shoot us an email at briefcase@appsumo.com.