Plus Plan (Retail: $49/Month)


Tool: EpicBeat Best For: Content marketers, bloggers Value: $39 Whether you’re creating your own or re-purposing someone else’s, publishing quality content is no walk in the park. EpicBeat helps you dig up quality content, connect with respectable influencers and put your work into the world when it has the best chance of being seen.

With EpicBeat, you can:

• Find awesome content to share with your audience
 • Identify influencers that want to share your content and sort them based on interests
 • Flesh out your own content based on local or global trends
 • Uncover which formats and social channels are working for competitors
 • Quickly post discovered content to your blog (without pesky copy/paste)
 • Discover the best times to publish on certain platforms
 Included in the Briefcase membership plan are unlimited daily searches, 10 alerts of competition mentions, 20 saved search strings and an unlimited curation for up to three WordPress sites. EpicBeat saves you the time spent mucking about the web and arms you with everything you need for a successful marketing campaign.