Briefcase Plan (Retail: $75/Month)


Tool: CrankWheel

Best For: Sales Teams, Live Demos

Value: $75/month

You’ve built something genius! But in the 24 hours it takes to respond to demo requests, your customer has moved on to something else. In 30 seconds or less, CrankWheel connects you to potential clients, eliminating friction and wait time.

CrankWheel is designed with all levels of tech savvy in mind. At the click of a button, your sales rep is contacted and given the option to demo live in-browser or generate a custom screen sharing link. It doesn’t require Flash or downloads and that lightning fast connection time is the number one way to increase conversion rates.

The exclusive plan for Briefcase members is what we like to call “Starter Team Plus.” It has all the features of CrankWheel’s Starter Team plan plus additional instant demos, meetings and lead captures. And you can add up to 10 users.

With CrankWheel, you eliminate the friction inherent in the demo process to capture your customer's’ attention (and commitment) almost instantly.