CloudApp Team Plan


Tool: CloudApp
Best For: Creating and sharing gifs, screenshots, videos.

Anyone who has tried to do parental tech support can tell you that a video walkthrough will save you hours of frustration. That also holds true for clients and team members.

At its core, CloudApp helps you communicate clearly. Make sure that everyone is speaking the same language by creating annotated screenshots, recording and embedding video, hosting screencasts and sharing assets.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Launch CloudApp using the button or link shortcuy
  2. Snap a screenshot, make a GIF, share screens, or record a video
  3. Annotate or mark-up the asset to your heart’s content
  4. Automatically generate a private cloud link
  5. Share with the intended recipient

Briefcase members’ CloudApp access includes unlimited file storage, bandwidth up to 4GB and optional password protection. 

Whether you’re in software development or digital marketing, CloudApp is solves miscommunication in any step of the business workflow.

Retail: $8/Month // Included in your Briefcase Membership