CallPage Briefcase Plan

CallPage Briefcase Plan

Tool: CallPage
Best for: Putting you in touch with web visitors and making sales

Distraction is the enemy when it comes to making web-based sales. If customers have to surf all over your site for answers, you’re likely to lose them.

CallPage puts you on the phone with potential customers in less than 28 seconds, making sure you get to them when they’re ready to commit. In fact, the data shows that sales people are 100x times more likely to close with this response timing.

CallPage works in three simple steps:

  1. Your website visitor clicks the CallPage button
  2. The visitor inputs their phone number in the pop-up
  3. CallPage connects your rep and the potential customer within 28 seconds

We’ve negotiated a custom Briefcase CallPage enterprise plan that includes:

  • A customer call within 28 seconds, up to 50 calls per month
  • Records of call history for each advertising channel and performance metrics 
  • Conversation playback along with call history and customer info 
  • A comprehensive dashboard showing key call analytics
  • Fully customizable widget (including texts and custom colors) 
  • Easily personalized SMS customer notifications 

In the world of instant gratification, there’s not a second to lose. Use CallPage to increase your customer commitment.