What is Briefcase?
Briefcase is a membership-based service that grants you access to a curated selection of top-tier software for just $49/month (billed at $147/quarter). The software is specifically chosen for entrepreneurs with growing businesses.
What tools are included?
With Briefcase you get access to dozens of tools to help you grow and scale your business. You can optimize SEO, quickly design graphics and ebooks, manage your accounting, find sales leads, auto-generate content and so much more. See all the products here.
How do I know these tools are good?
Every tool in Briefcase has been vetted by AppSumo (the team behind Briefcase). For the past 7 years, AppSumo has been the leader in finding the best up-and-coming tools to help you grow your business. We were in on the ground floor of Evernote, Dropbox, and MailChimp!
If you decide to remove a tool from Briefcase, does my access go away?

Most of our agreements state that if you’ve activated and redeemed a tool, you will continue to be able to use it as long as you have an active Briefcase membership. So make sure you’ve activated and redeemed anything you are interested in using. Your Briefcase membership continues to increase in value over time as you activate and redeem more tools!

If I cancel Briefcase, do I still have access to the tools I activated?
You’ll still have a login for those systems but in order to get access, you'll have to subscribe to each individual tool on your own.
Why shouldn’t I just buy these tools on my own?
Buying these tools outright would be very expensive. Most of the tools individually cost at least $50/month on their own. So the smartest move is to get the entire selection of Briefcase tools for our $49 price tag.
Can I cancel at any time?
Absolutely - just cancel before your next billing cycle to avoid getting charged for the next month.
What tools are included?
Currently, there are dozens tools in Briefcase that is constantly growing and evolving along with our members. You can optimize SEO, quickly design graphics and ebooks, manage your accounting, find sales leads, auto-generate content and so much more. See all the products here.
If I sign up now for $49, will the price ever go up for me, say, in a year from now?
While we can never predict the future, we can say we have no plans to raise pricing any time soon and believe deeply in grandfathering to reward early adopters. We can promise that if anything ever changes in the far future, we’ll be sure to over-communicate any changes to you well in advance so you can make an informed decision if that time ever comes.
I’ve opted into Briefcase. How do I get access to the tools?
Once you’re a Briefcase member, you’ll receive redemption codes for each tool you activate. Just click “Redeem this offer” and follow the redemption process to start using them.
I’m not sure that I’ll use this [accounting, marketing, design, etc] software tool. Should I still activate and redeem it?
Licenses are limited for each tool, so if you think you’ll need this tool in the future and don’t want to risk losing access, make sure you activate and redeem it. You can continue to access tools you activate and redeem for the duration of your membership.
How do I update my billing information, like my credit card?
You can use this link to change your billing information for your Briefcase subscription: https://briefcasehq.com/accounts/billing/update/
I love Briefcase, do you have an affiliate program so I can promote it?
Yes, we do! You can reach out to us at affiliates@appsumo.com and we’ll get you set up!
If I am having trouble activating some of the apps, can you help?
Of course! Give us a shout at briefcase@appsumo.com