Grow your business.

Get access to dozens of software tools to help you create, grow, and scale your business!

Briefcase Quarterly is a membership that gives you access to some of the best software tools for entrepreneurs.

In addition to dozens of tools already included in Briefcase, members also get new tool credits each quarter!

Over 2,000 freelancers, consultants, and entrepreneurs use Briefcase to grow their businesses.

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All the tools your biz needs to succeed

Sales and Business Development

Tools to help you get more clients, reach into new markets, and grow your business.

Design and Product

Easily create beautiful designs for your website or marketing assets and take your products to the next level.

Marketing and Blogging

From SEO to social media and analytics to blogging we've got you covered on all of your marketing needs.

Admin and Accounting

Get the tools to manage your billing, accounting, and administrative tasks to properly organize your business.

Common Questions

How Does Briefcase Quarterly Work?
With Briefcase Quarterly, you'll receive credits for AppSumo lifetime deals each quarter that your membership is active. That means that if you need to end your membership, you'll still retain access to these tools.
How Much Does Briefcase Quarterly Cost?
The Briefcase Quarterly membership is just $49/month (billed quarterly at $147).
Can I cancel at any time?
Absolutely! If at any point you decide that Briefcase is no longer right for you, you can end your membership and will not be charged for the following payment cycle. To cancel, just reach out to and our support staff will be sure to take care of you.
Which tools are included in Briefcase Quarterly?

That’s up to you!

AppSumo is always adding new tools to the store and with your Quarterly credits, you can get access to these brand new tools*. To see what’s currently available, head over and browse AppSumo tools.*

On top of this, you also have access to the tools currently available in Briefcase that you can see here. Note: Briefcase tools do not require credits to be redeemed, however, licenses are limited, so activate all the tools you want right away to ensure access!

*Occasionally AppSumo offers certain software tools or physical products, such as conference tickets, books, other items that can only be purchased with cash or cash-like equivalents (credits and discounts not included). However, for the majority of products offered on AppSumo, this will not be an issue and Briefcase members will not be affected.